About Us

“Moballeghan” company established in 1986 in Tehran, Iran. The main activity of company with over 30 years of experiences is in the fields of advertising, publishing and marketing and seriously works in market research area about 18 years. The body of “Moballeghan” company that acts on market research field became an independent identity named as “Etelaat-e-Farda Institution” and contitutes of skilled market research experts that are marketing, statistics, economics and sciology specialists.

“Etelaat-e-Farda Institution” is a knowledge based institution that grow and promote marketing research and marketing science so that the first market research book was published in “Moballeghan” company in Iran, further more we are part of the founding board members of Iran Market Research Association and part of the founding board members of Iran Advertising Companies Association too. We are the company that provide the best analysis and solutions through deep experiences and insight of several years of specialized work. It’s notable that there are two kind of market research companies in Iran : first group is the one that only gather information and second group not only gather information but also perform various analysis and provide actionable and scientific approaches to clients. “Etelaat-e-Farda Institution” is one of the latter companies that be known for its deep market perception and understanding well through gathering precise, up-todate and reliable information and high analysis potential.

Our business is accelerating profitable brand growth and creating powerful brands. “Etelaat-e-Farda Institution” really values on customers’ time and money and focuses on clients’ needs deeply, It was founded as a customer and result oriented institution from the beginning. Our most valuable assets are clients and the people who work for us with their strong capabilities. We differentiates ourselves from competitors with unrivaled potential, deep insight and unique multi-specialty positioning to meet our clients’ needs and wants as efficiently and effectively as possible.
“Etelaat-e-Farda Institution” mission is delivering creative and innovative ideas and better services, providing more confident and smarter decisions and solutions and achieving better business outcomes through precious customer experience, feedback and our deep insight. “Etelaat-e-Farda Institution” vision is turning into an international market research company that achieves to leading position in the field of our activity and customers’ preferences and priorities.

“Etelaat-e-Farda Institution” has been a member of European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research ( Esomar ) since 1999 and has been able to provide great services to many domestic and foreign companies in the field of market research utilizing global, extensive and up-todate scientific information.
We embrace cooperation with domestic and foreign companies as a partner in the field of market research and are ready to perform their respectful projects in Iran with high quality.