Agile Research Approach

Agile refers to a flexible and maneuverable research approach. It means that you test regularly, in smaller entities and quickly learn from the feedback you’ve gathered to work the product. Agile also means adding some education. In addition to just streamlining our processes, and never forget how important it is to rethink certain things, we need learn more.
Now the agile approach has grown into something that suits many more approaches in market research. Clients demand agile approaches and look for agencies with experience in the field.
There are three factors to increase your chance to successful in agile projects :
1) You need to automate processes that take up too much time and that machines can do better.
2) You need to embrace and use new methodological approaches to gather feedback ( e.g online communities )
3) You need to rethink the things you do and why you do them. Because agile project off for a project, you need to integrate it in everything you do.
"Quoted from "Esomar" Magazine, May-June 2017 Edition"