Partnership, The Market Research Model of the Future

The difference between then and now lies in the diversity of techniques, methodologies and specialties that can and need to be deployed in the pursuit of insight-driven impact.
Partnering is now not only an accepted part of the research process but it is a de rigueur strategy for survival and growth. Evidence of the power of partnering is now all around us-you just have to look at the winners of Ogilvy Awards or indeed of ESOMAR Congress Best Papers to see multiple insights providers working together to bring impact to their clients’ businesses.
Suppliers were primarily full service market research suppliers. Today, there are so many different specialties such as social media monitoring and big data analytics that no one company can offer it all.
It is therefore incumbent on research companies to make alliances, seek partners, co-create approaches and interact with companies that can also be their competitors. This is the new entry level business model to which we all now must subscribe and accept.
"Quoted from "Esomar" Magazine, February 2017 Edition"