Innovating Insight

The market research industry has had a tough time. There are plenty of reasons for this, all much-discussed already, but the good news is that it has brought us to a point where innovation is at the forefront of thinking as we consider the future.
Collaboration isn’t a new idea, but what is new is the extent to which it is both necessary and possible. MR businesses, particularly those who are focused on becoming strategic business partners, can combine established techniques with modem data collection, social media analytic, and emerging technologies by partnering with best-in-class providers to deliver new depths of insight.
The researcher of the future will be less data collection specialist, and more data scientist and consultant. This move towards a collaborative “Insight Industry” much more accurately reflects the role that researchers will play in the decades ahead. Researchers will take a more collaborative approach, shifting from asking questions to permission-based observation and analysis of behavior. This will bring clients closer to their customers, closer to the nuances of their business, and give them more targeted information for decision making.
"Quoted from "Esomar" Magazine, September 2017 Edition"