Media survey and measurement

International reports indicate rapid growth of advertisement in smart phones and also advertisement expenditures in traditional media like radio, television and press reduce significantly, so this trend has changed forecasts of advertisement budgeting structure that had relative stability for many years. Nowadays, smart phones not only to make a call, take photo, play music and video and connect to internet, but also transform to a tool for online buying and access to social media that have become powerful products marketing tools in line with mutual emotional communications. It is obviously that by taking a quick glance at social networks pages as Instagram, Telegram and Facebook, we can see marketing opportunities have grown. At the present time, attractive and complicated subjects such as scientific and comprehensive survey of new purchase methods, content generation cost measurement in social networks, survey of created opportunities through these networks, online marketing and digital experiences alongside advertisement effectiveness evaluation in traditional media have become serious concern of marketing experts. We pass through you from aforementioned difficulties, create new horizons ahead of customers through generating uptodate and expert information, extend your insights in abovementioned fields and assist you to select appropriate media.