The Minister of Roads and Urban Development announced a cheap 400 million Toman loan in the Housing Production Leap Law and said: "We are looking for changes in Form" C .

According to the online news agency, Rostam Ghasemi stated that "we have promised to build one million houses a year", adding: "Many people think that this is not possible, but it is definitely possible." Currently, 300,000 to 350,000 housing units are built annually in the country, this is part of the country's needs. Part of this need is in the country's villages, and the Housing Foundation is committed to meeting it. We have to make the rest.

He gave good news to the people and said: in the law, the housing production leap is free for one to five tenths of land, and this issue will definitely be implemented. The Housing Production Leap Law is a very good law, but it needs an amendment that will be presented to Parliament either as an amendment to the law or the 1401 budget law. This law has made it possible for people to become homeowners.

Ghasemi added: we should not set a ceiling for the construction of housing in the province.

The number that is determined is the need of the people. We have to build housing as much as people need. If we want to reach the schedule, we have to start building 2 million housing units, because the construction of housing will take a year and a half to 2 years. About 600,000 housing units are built by the people and about 1.4 million housing units must be built by us