Awareness of the latest statistics is very important for people active in various fields.

According to Forsate Emrooz: In fact, it is the only reliable source for the same information decisions, the most recent of which will undoubtedly have a higher application. The field of blogging has been constantly growing in the last 15 years and today it is introduced as one of the three main marketing methods. In the following, we will review the latest statistics and trends in the field of blogging.

1. There are more than 600 million blogs worldwide:
However, some people believe that blogging is a dead end and today textual content is no longer attractive and video has replaced it. However, global statistics in this field prove the opposite. The point to keep in mind is that this statistic is probably much higher. However, only credible sources have been evaluated.
2. More than 2 million blogs are published daily:
If we want to consider a field as a dead term, it is necessary to pay very little attention to it and production to decline compared to the past. However, in the field of blogging, if you compare the statistics with each other every year, you will notice that you are witnessing a continuous growth. This is another reason for the importance of this field. In fact, content production is very important today and should not be considered obsolete and there is still a lot of room for work. In fact, according to most experts, there will be no serious change in this area for at least the next five years.
3. More than 31 million bloggers are active in the United States:
In fact, the United States has more bloggers than any other country, and given the global outbreak of the coronavirus, their growth in the last two years has been quite significant. The point to keep in mind is that due to its high income, reputation and attractiveness of work, blogging is in the top 10 dream jobs with job satisfaction of more than 97%.
4. 77% of Internet users are blog visitors:
In general, most internet users welcome blogs and that is why there is a high demand in this field. However, the point to keep in mind is that the biggest growth is for those bloggers who are implementing a new approach.
5. More than 77 million comments are sent every month:
One of the constant criticisms of blogging is that user interaction is not good. However, observing a few weak examples may have given rise to such an image. This is despite the fact that the global statistics in this field are excellent, and this shows that, in general, bloggers have been able to communicate well with their audience. In fact, posting comments below the post is one of the most important things that many analysts believe is the most important measure of success.
6- The number of monthly visitors to WordPress pages is more than 400 million:
Global statistics show that WordPress has been more successful than any other brand in the field of website creation. In fact, it is the most popular platform for bloggers.