The Future of Research is Intelligence Augmentation

Within the research industry, it is client needs that drive innovation, not technology.
Of course, every client company has different requirements, but often they still revolve around that speed, time and cost triangle. For many clients, automation and artificial intelligence are now being seen key tools in addressing these challenges. When new technologies as such as biometric testing are impacting research disciplines, we can see that research innovations such as automation are becoming main stream.
Automation is now the dominant form of new technology in insights. Of course, not everything should be automated; there is still no finer tool for analysis and strategic thinking than the human brain. But areas like fieldwork and data collection are not only ripe for automation; automation of these areas is already having a huge positive impact for clients.
With ever constrained budgets; automation also allows insight teams more flexibility in the budget, while at the same time increasing success. Automated tools have allowed our insights team to test multiple ideas for the same cost of one idea using the traditional models. We have increased the speed in which we can finalize creative for the market that lead to substantial savings in resources and cost.
Using automation has resulted in a complete mind-set shift internally in the business.
"Quoted from "Esomar" Magazine, September 2017 Edition"